Automate the billing cycle via scheduled dates for billing stages of a Job, whilst retaining the control of what is charged on the fee/invoice. The scheduling process produces a list of jobs which are due to be billed, the operatives can then include or defer the charges whether time-basis or lump or disbursements. If deferred they will be included in subsequent bills. Integrated with the financial modules, Time recording and Job Control and Microsoft Office.

Features available include
Transaction Maintenance Review all entered work type transactions, summarising main fields by one of date, job, engineer, work type, client or Fee number.
Job Book Job book report showing disbursement and expense costs for jobs by month, work type and engineer.
Billing Report (WIP) Billing report showing historic fee charges along with associated credit notes as well as future scheduled (expected) receipts. Allocated receipts are included where they exist.
Improve Business Processes A compelling time driven bill processing platform that provides an edge in any competitive environment.
Highly Configurable Configure ACURAL to fit perfectly into your existing or future billing process. By design, ACURAL easily scales to match even the most demanding billing raising operations.
Tighten Existing Billing Process ACURAL reduces the time between fee raising and receipting by mitigating the consequences of errors and process inefficiency.