ACURAL includes a Web Portal for on-line management of job activities. Schedule work to engineers on a Job, show recorded time and disbursements and upload documents to the online repository. Interfaces with Acural mobile and time & billing module.

Features available include
Flexible request tracker Easily create task lists and assign to individuals. Included data for topic, location and start date.
User defined work flows Combine user defined tasks into work flows and assign work flows to request. use defined durations to automatically calculate estimated completion dates.
Log time and disbursements against jobs Allow operative to record the time spent on a particular task and enter additional details for work carried out. Record any additional costs incurred and assign then to the same request
Document management Upload any document to the web portal and bind then to a particular request. Documents are available for other operatives to download and view. When using the mobile application operative can use device features to record remote images and upload to the web portal.