Fully integrates Billing/WIP with Fee/Sales Ledger. Fees generated appear against the client’s account for cash allocation, statement generation, reporting and the emailing of statements.

Features available include
Complete breakdown of debts Collate data from WIP modules with open items from Financials to display a full break down of the debt; including fees, time, disbursement and VAT.
Change transaction & job status Change transaction status individually, by job or by client. Apply status changes to a job and optionally update all existing transactions. Allow new transactions to inherit the current job status.
Unlimited diary notes Notes added to status changes are unlimited. There is not fixed length and can contain any relevant text.
Record promise and follow-ups Transactions status changes can optionally record follow-up dates and promise payments. Use these to monitor and compare the progress of the debt.
Auto-generate work lists Automatically construct work lists for credit control personnel based on status code and follow-up date
Multi-currency display Transactions are flagged with an appropriate indicator for the billed currency.