Allows for the creation of multiple billing schedules. Fees are calculated based on billing schedules, the current work stage of each schedule and application fee dates. Schedules can be based on percentage cost of works, lump sum, time-based and/or disbursements. Accept time and disbursement records from engineers in the field using connected devices.

Features available include
Accelerated Billing Streamline and automate the billing process to shorten billing cycles and accelerate payment collection.
Eliminate errors Accurate calculation of charges based on the billing schedules for jobs, the completion stage for each job and application dates.
Highly configurable Types of schedules can be based on percentage cost of works, lump sum, time- based and/or disbursements.
Each client can have set terms and rate multipliers for a given job.
Time-based work can calculate cost and charges based on the engineer’s rate and rate for the work completed.
Flexible template based document output automatically, identify and apply the correct rate for chargeable item based on context, eliminate variances between submissions, improve corporate image by using a consistent process.
Deploy special rates Special rates can be set for any of these charges providing total flexibility in charge generation and cost analysis.
Use work types to segment tasks and adjust rates Define multiple work types to set costing parameters like charge rate, fee inclusion, activity category (chargeable, non-chargeable for example)
Access to Data Billing/WIP modules are fully integrated with the Fee/Sales Ledger. Invoices appear in the client’s account for cash allocation, statement generation and reporting. Full drill-down is available from the ledger to the billing/WIP modules.